Mental Health Awareness Day


There's a quote I recently read that goes like this: "Never doubt in the darkness what God has done in the light." 

A reality of life on this earth is that we will all go through times of darkness; times when God seems distant, silent, like a figment of our imaginations.  Now perhaps these times are circumstantial – we grieve a loss, suffer an illness, experience a traumatic event.  Or perhaps these dark moments are written into our DNA, they're a part of our chemical make-up, they come and go throughout our lives. Mental illness – the “lack of serotonin uptake disease,” as I once hear someone suggest we call it - is written into my gene code.  I had a grandma who underwent shock treatments and spent much of my father's childhood laying on the couch, too depressed to participate in life.  I have siblings who have been deeply affected by their own mental health challenges and struggle daily because of them.  I'm not sure if I was the lucky sibling for whom that gene was recessive.  Perhaps my unique DNA code interacted with our growing up environment in a way that allowed me to experience life differently than they did.... READ MORE

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Notes from Wendy