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Dawn Skerritt

Dawn and her family are composed of 3, 2, 1.  Three kids, two dogs, one husband. And an amazing journey. Dawn just began her first appointment at a local church in Columbia Falls, but has been pursuing ministry for many years. In the last few years, Dawn and her family moved to Denver, where she completed 15 months of clinical pastoral education (CPE) as the Chaplain resident at the Univeristy of Colorado Hospital. She loved her time there as she was able to "do ministry every day". "She helped patients who had something heavy on their heart, or were afraid of dying, or had difficult decisions to make and needed spiritual guidance." Dawn is Montana born and raised, and spends as much time as she can outside. She loves hiking and camping with her family, and especially enjoys moments where she can gawk at the mountains as the sun goes down. When Dawn is not lending her heart to the sick, or her time and passion to her church, you can find her involved in fighting for social justice, spending time with her kids, or cooking up delicious dishes! Her fellow chicks look to her for her supportive attitude, gentle nature, and spirit of fun. As she begins her local church ministry, she is excited to start caring for the community. As she says, "When you take time to sit down with somebody, it shows them you really care." 

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Comfort Food:

Homemade chicken noodle soup with egg noodles from scratch





Someone you look up to:

Trauma RN's and Respiratory Therapists


"Shit-hit-the-fan" de-stressing activity:

Hiking and Swimming


Quote that speaks to your soul:

"You must do the things you think you cannot do"

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Ideal night off:

Chaplaincy flipped that switch.  Some of the most powerful ministry I have done has been during the spontaneous times.  So, I immediately thing of night "on."  However, if I get to relax in my pj's and watch a movie, tell jokes, and eat popcorn and candy with my family, it's the best..


Why are you in ministry?

The narrative is still being written...

After a blue Christmas service in Denver, my son said:


“Mom, God wants out of this church. God wants to go outside and play.”  

-Mason, Age 5.

What is one piece of advice you've received that has stuck with you?