Pastor's Corner

October, 2015




Wendy Ochs

I’m a channel surfer.  When I’m driving my van I flip through stations to make sure I know all the options.  I stop when I hear something I like, press buttons when I’m in need of a change.  So on the short drive between lunch with a friend and work at church this afternoon, I was flipping through stations when I heard a man sharing his testimony about stepping out in faith.  I joined after he’d begun and left before he finished – I didn’t even learn his name - but what I heard intrigued me, especially since this topic of conversation had come up during lunch.  “Every Christian wants justice and every Christian likes to show compassion” shared the man, “but for many Christians, stepping out boldly in faith and really doing something that will change the world is scary.”  He explained that to step out boldly in faith, to be ready to do something big for God, one has to be willing to give up everything that brings a sense of security – a home, a job, plans for the future.  He wasn’t suggesting one give up those things and then ask God to show the way; but if someone is going to tell God she is willing to go where called and do what God calls her to do, she’d better be ready to sacrifice what she has and what she knows. 

The man also talked about the “gift” God gives in not allowing us to know the future – because often, if we knew the future, we wouldn’t step into it!  Sometimes God calls us to places that are uncertain and scary.  We answer God’s call but the results are not what we expected.  Often, these bold steps of faith are only the first steps…we must keeping moving forward, not always knowing or understanding the way, but trusting that God will provide what we need when we need it and reveal divine purposes when we’re ready to understand them.  “We all want to move mountains,” said the voice on the radio, “but sometimes the mountain is us.”

From what I gathered, this man and his wife took a bold step of faith when God made it clear that’s what they were to do.  It wasn’t easy.  They struggled for a long time to understand how God was at work.  But God was at work!  Their ministry is thriving, they have helped change the world for God in the place that God called them.  So much so, in fact, that the man got to share his story on the radio! J

 Do you want to step out boldly in faith?  Do you want to change the world?  Or, at least, your corner of it?  Do you want to do the work God created for you to do?  Offer yourself to God.  Be willing to make sacrifices.  And get ready to be a blessing and to be blessed in ways you never imagined!

Grace & Peace,