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In the Desert and The Promised Land

Psalm 46

Over the past few weeks we’ve been spending our time in worship together with the psalms. The psalms are the prayers and poetry of the ancient people of God, and they run the gamut from poems of praise and gratitude to gut-wrenching laments and pleas for help. But one common thread that runs through the poems and prayers – is the assurance ...READ MORE


Genesis 39:1-23

On the night of September 13, 2001, Barbara Lee – a second term Congresswoman from Berkeley, California was up late wrestling with a big decision. Two days before - on September 11 - she had been in her office on Capitol Hill when the planes hit the twin towers and the Pentagon.

A little more than 48 hours later, she was in a meeting with her Democratic colleagues....READ MORE

Prayer After Paris   

Gracious God, you’ve told us to mourn with those who mourn. Meet us in the wordlessness that follows tragedy. We pray for the people of Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Syria, and all the many places where terror is felt today.

We pray for all for whom these are not news stories, but lived realities.

For first responders who run towards the horrors while....READ MORE

What the World Needs Now    

First John 4:7-21

The rabbis told this story about how there were two brothers and when their father died they divided up his fields between them – right down the middle. And one brother built his house and his barn and his bins for storing grain on one half while the other brother built his house and his barn and his bins for storing grain on the other half. For many years, that was their agreement...READ MORE

Notes from Sarah