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Sarah Beck

Sarah is a shoe-loving, not-really-into-cooking, reality tv-watching, book-loving, curious, enthusiastic, hopefully-on-most-days-following-Jesus-and-loving-her-neighbor kind of a gal. She's also an ordained elder in the Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Methodist Church serving Grace United Methodist Church in Billings, Montana. She completed her undergrad in public relations, based on the advice of a brazilian man she met in a bar. Sarah, born and raised in Illinios, grew up as the daughter of a pastor and a kindergarten teacher. She learned quickly how to follow the rules, but knows when it's time to break them. She left her job as a youth director in Illinois to move to Rocky Mountain Conference with her family where she received her first appointment in Hamilton Montana. When she's not writing, or reading, or having weekly coffee dates with her church people, you can find Sarah shopping, joining Sami in a trashy tv show marathon, or snuggling up with her darling dog "Wesley the Wonder Puggle."  Sarah's passions for ministry include preaching and crafting worship, teaching, and social justice. She believes that the church is at its best when we are nurturing one another in faith through worship, prayer, and learning, and then going into the world to live out that faith as witnesses and carriers of God's justice, mercy, and hope.

What is one piece of advice you've received that has stuck with you?

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More about Sarah:

Comfort Food:

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup



Everything Sarah Vowell has ever written



"Spinal Tap" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's"


Someone you look up to:

My Grandma Helen - who is creative, loving, big-hearted, funny, adventureous, and doesn't take crap from anyone!


"Shit-hit-the-fan" de-stressing activity:

Swimming and/or wine with friends (not usually - although ocassionally - at the same time)


Quote that speaks to your soul:

"I believe the serious woman laughs as much as possible and tries to change things for the better"

-Maya Angelou


Ideal night off:

Ideally it would involve Ryan Gosling. Realisticly it woul involve staying up late laughing and telling stories with the people I love the most.


Why are you in ministry?

Because if the church isn't trying to save the world, then who will?

“Never draw a box around what God can do” -Dad


Me: I'm going to kick ass and take names!

Virginia: Don't forget to add those names to your prayer list.