Prayer after Paris



Sarah Beck

November 24, 2015

Gracious God, you’ve told us to mourn with those who mourn. Meet us in the wordlessness that follows tragedy. We pray for the people of Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Syria, and all the many places where terror is felt today.


We pray for all for whom these are not news stories, but lived realities.


For first responders who run towards the horrors while everyone else runs away.


For nurses, doctors, and all medical professionals seeking healing for so many people.


For the hundreds of families who are rocked with the grief of family members not coming home.


For all people who are displaced by war, terror, and tragedy.


God of grace, we are weary. Weary from grieving, weary of the violence, weary of the blaming, weary of the wounds of war being visited upon the innocent and vulnerable.


Forgive us, O God, when our weariness turns to apathy.


Forgive us, O God, when our desire to have the world make sense leads us to seek out

scapegoats and simple answers.


Forgive us, O God, when our privilege allows us to pick and choose the tragedies we pay attention to – the lives we mourn – the bodies we count.


God of grace, we come near to you and trust that in the jumbled emotions of anger, anxiety, vengeance, loss, and despair we will find your hope, your compassion, your forgiveness surrounding us.


Just as you taught us to mourn with those who mourn, you’ve taught us also to rejoice with those who rejoice. Reveal your light in the midst of every darkness.


Meet us in the joys of our lives and of the world. Help us to reflect your love and grace to all we encounter.

This we bring before you in prayer through Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who taught us to pray by saying…