Asexuality is often misunderstood.

In general, it's believed to be the absence of any romantic interest, but asexual identity actually means that a person is not sexually attracted to anyone. Romantic feelings and the strength of those feelings can vary from person to person.... CHECK IT OUT

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If I was given a dollar for every time I was told I’m too pretty to be a pastor, I could pay off the church building debt.”

It almost sounds like a joke. But those words reflect a painful reality for the unnamed clergywoman quoted in a video — “#HerTruth: Women in Ministry Break Their Silence” — produced for the North Alabama .... CHECK IT OUT

10 People Describe A Moment When They Felt Truly Present

I was taking the train about an hour upstate to see a show by myself. I got out my earbuds to listen to podcasts, as I always do whenever I’ve got more than like three minutes to myself because I’ve got a pretty persistent aversion to silence. But, for some reason, I just held the earbuds in my ... CHECK IT OUT

A comic that debunks myths about asexuality.

Nancy Slabaugh Hart


First UMC,

Great Falls, MT

I attended my very first High School class reunion this summer. There have been others, but I somehow never managed to get to any before now.   It was the 42nd anniversary of the class of 1973. Somehow our 40th had slipped by without anyone noticing, so better late than never.

I wondered if I would recognize anyone, but the minute I came in the room I realized that some people somehow remain themselves no matter how much time passes. There was Grace, her bright red hair now mixed with grey, but still  the smartest ..READ MORE

If they cannot come here, we will send our love there.

Fear is loud. Loud things tend to get our attention. When we allow loud fear voices to steal our attention we feel shaky, paranoid, hopeless.Love lives in the quiet. Love requires us to stop what we’re doing and drop in. Is this why it’s ...CHECK IT OUT


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