Mark 9:30-37

Often times, we would like to be first.   I remember wanting to be first when a cake was cut, because I loved the corners with all the extra frosting.  And if I wasn’t first, I would figure out how many pieces were left before the next corner and try to get in line just right, so I could get the next one.  This last Spring, the Colorado Rockies installed swanky new security systems that allow them to “see into” what people bring and what is on....READ MORE

Mark 10: 35-45

Servanthood rarely comes naturally.  The many ways that you serve our church and our community require both intention and responsibility.  This story is an opener for salvation.  By its root meaning, salvation means healing.

In this story, James and John are vying for special position and recognition.  Jesus senses that and meets them in their humanity... READ MORE

Lunch Break Notes

My phone rang while I was wondering aimlessly at Salvation Army Thrift Store, in search of a floor lamp for the living-room of the parsonage.  The living-room is so dark, especially during our winter inversions.  I reached for my phone.  It was one of my parishioners.  My heart sank, as I had been thinking of her a few moments ago while browsing the shoe section.  No one prepares you for this type of thing.  Being a highly sensitive person, I have learned to.... READ MORE

Mark 9: 38-50

Wow!  I’m not pulling any softballs from the gospel readings yet.  These passages are part of the lectionary, which like TV programming, pre-set for our reading and learning together.  The United Methodist Church follows a lectionary, each week we have one Psalm, one reading from the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, one Epistle (think Paul’s letters), and one passage from a gospel text (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John).  The lectionary texts....READ MORE

Notes from Dawn

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Mark 8: 27-38

I must start by saying this gospel message has been used throughout history and people use it today as an authority to back up abuse.  Biblical scholars agree that this is misuse of the text.  We can agree that being a disciple of Christ requires sacrifice, but it is my pastoral duty to also warn you that can be taken too far.  The sacrifice that Jesus asks of us comes from within us and cannot be forced onto us by others.  If you have questions...READ MORE

Mark 10: 2-16

This past week, I traveled to Bozeman for a clergy meeting.  We had a key note speaker, training, and lots of time to collaborate and support each other.  It was during this meeting that we heard about the incident in Oregon.  As a group, we paused to pray.  

Today is World Communion Sunday....READ MORE

Mark 10: 17-31

If you pre-read all of the scriptures, you also read Psalm 22, which begins with despair.  And, the readings from Job are getting darker.  This morning, Hebrews reminds us of our relationship with scripture.  And, Mark is kind of confusing, and certainly startling.

Fifteen years ago, I attended a Habitat for Humanity Conference.  Millard Fuller, the founder and then CEO....READ MORE