In the Yellowstone Conference of the United Methodist Church, and many other conferences and denominations around the world, the number of young female clergy is few. Chicks Know Church began when our small group of friends, serving churches across the great state of Montana, recognized the unique challenges we face as women in ministry. We knew our need to be a source of support and encouragement to one another. But living all across the Big Sky state meant that face-to-face coffee dates would be few and far between. So we decided that in our precious times together, we would create a space to learn, grow, vent, laugh, and celebrate. We began talking and sharing stories about the uniqueness of our journies.

Our Chicks

Thus, Chicks Knows Church was born.

We want to offer a real perspective of what life is like in the places we are and allow space for us to be open with each other and God. We come together to share our stories, recognizing that women bring a unique perspective to ministry. We bring vulnerability, laughter, and openness to the grace of God, and we look forward to sharing those stories with you-and we look forward to hearing your stories as well!