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To be a prophet, First be a priest

We live in a new era of protest and resistance. As executive orders become daily news and the silencing of news organizations and scientists commonplace, the average Christian who may heretofore have not been politically active has entered the arena of protest and resistance. With a newfound interest in Empire theology and Liberation theology, it is an exciting time to be well-versed in those theological and social movements.....  READ MORE.


I think I found God at a Twenty One Pilots concert
By Abbie Thompson







I think I found God at a Twenty One Pilots concert.. Not like “found” as in come-to-Jesus-born-again-christian type of way, but “found” as in-God was totally there singing loudly and being powerful and shit. And it was amazing....  READ MORE.

Need a Laugh?

You don't "have to" participate in The Resurrection, you "get to." Tripp Fuller on joining the protest march in God's love rebellion. via The Work of the People

You Get To

Look like a boss, feel like the 'Kween' that you are.





Check out these great looks for "stylish women of the cloth" from Rock that Collar,